So you think all spreaders are the same
we think you should look again.

The LAWTON V-Box Spreaders are hydraulically driven from the truck central hydraulic system or you may choose from a self-contained engine with mechanical drive or self contained engine with an independent hydraulic system.

The conveyor is driven via a 25:1 reduction and has the capacity to spread 150-4,300 pounds of rock salt per mile.

LAWTON V-Box Spreader is designed to spread sand, cinders, calcium chloride or any
mixture of these materials.

The hopper is constructed of 10 gauge steel.

The sides are manufactured with a 45 degree slope and are supported by steel braces formed from 10 gauge steel.

The spinner disc is of 10 gauge steel with a 20" diameter and is mounted directly to the
hydraulic motor via a replaceable hub.  The disc has eight fixed 10 gauge fins.

Available in various lengths with an inside width of 80", dump or chassis mount.

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