The LAWTON LP Series snow plows are basic, and designed with the same qualities
found throughout the entire LAWTON product line.  The LAWTON LP Series are
rugged, durable and dependable, featuring a heavy-duty top and bottom angle on the
moldboard.  The semicircle assembly is copied from our larger plows, with a front
tubular cross member.  The adjustable trip springs, permitting plow trip adjustments,
is standard on every LAWTON LP Series snow plow.

There's a LAWTON LP Series for virtually every size of small vehicle, from the
compact 4WD to the fullsize 1 ton 4WD.  In the LAWTON tradition, the LP Series
can be designed to meet specific customer requirements.  Standard lengths are
6', 7',8' and 9' with a choice between 24" and 28" height.

The LAWTON LP Series has a track record of doing its job.  When you choose the
LAWTON LP Series, you've chosen quality and dependability.

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